Our Terms & Conditions

We as an online company do not have any insurance over goods that have been paid for. Buyer has no insurance as well. Whenever client creates a transaction, it is the duty of bancrite to fulfill the order. Bancrite is not to be held liable for lack of product delivery due to car accidents or any other incidents. Bancrite will not ship a product it does not have in store. 

Details Bancrite Receives From You

We do not receive any of the financial data processed through the website, all of these transaction are handled and stored in the paystack server. We however store emails and phone numbers of our clients on our servers. We do not sell or share your emails with anyone, however, the case may vary in matters of legal. 

Why do we use it?

We use these details, including analytics of this website to serve users better. We create tailored notes and orders for each unique user.