General Questions

There are various ways you can get an item from Bancrite.

  1. You can order and checkout directly on the website using the cart.
  2. You can message and complete an order through placing a phone call or messaging us through our social media.

To buy airtime on bancrite, Hover over to the airtime tab located in the menu or on the shop list. Click through and create a transaction using your card. 

You will receive the pin right after checkout, which you can easily copy and paste into your phone. 

You can subscribe to items that you will love to receive periodically through the shop list. On items that offer this service. A tab is shown on its page to create subscriptions on the item. You can choose weekly or monthly subscriptions. 

Other Questions

We currently serve same day delivery to clients living in Lagos. Other states in Nigeria takes typically 72hrs to receive their items

We accept refunds only for items that has not been opened, used or tampered with

Some items are allowed to get to customer before transactions are while some don’t. It is a unique application to the item in question